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fall 2020 materials

This page will be updated during the semester.

BA Syllabus Fall 2020 (August)

Business Associations Fall 2020 Writing Assignment

You can access the Restatement 3rd of Agency via the Hein Online link on the Law School Library web page(look at the Hein Online page for a link to the American Law Institute Library).

Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act

Delaware General Corporation Law

Florida Business Corporation Act

Report on Modifications to Chapter 607 of the Florida Statutes (2019)

Salzberg v. Sciabacucchi (Del. Sup. 2020)

Marchand v Barnhill (Del. Supr. 2019)

In re Tesla Motors, Inc. Stockholder Litigation (Del. Ch. 2020)

In Re Mindbody, Inc. Stockholders Litigation (Del. Ch. 2020)

In re Oracle Corporation Derivative Litigation (Del. Ch. 2019)

Derivative Complaint (Quaalcom).

Lectures: Agency

Business and Society ;BA Introduction ; Agency Part 1; Agency Part 2

Agency Part 3; Agency Part 4; Agency Part 5;Agency Part 6

Lectures: Partnership

Partnership Part 1; Partnership Part 2; Partnership Part 3

Partnership Part 4; Partnership Part 5

Partnership Part 6

Lectures: Corporations

Corporations: Promoters; Controlling Litigation; Corporations: Veil Piercing; Corporations:Role and Purposes; Corporations: Duty of Care

Corporations: Conflicting Interest Transactions; Corporate Opportunities; Corporations: Controlling Stockholders; Corporations> Walt Disney

Corporations: Oversight Liability; Corporations: Corwin, Kahn, Tesla, Mindbody

Corporations: Derivative litigation- direct and derivative claims; Corporations: Derivative litigation: demand; Corporations: Derivative Litigation: SLCs; Corporations: derivative Litigation: Sanchez and China Agritech; Corporations: Derivative Litigation: Oracle

Lectures: LLCs

LLCs Part 1; LLCs Part 2

Lectures: Securities Regulation

Securities Regulation: Definition of a security; Securities Regulation: registration and liability; Securities Regulation: §10(b) and Rule 10b-5

Securities Regulation: Santa Fe v Green; Securities Regulation: examples of claims; Securities Regulation: Insider Trading (Goodwin v Agassiz; Texas Gulf Sulphur); Securities Regulation: Insider Trading (Insiders and Tipping); Securities Regulation: Insider Trading (Misappropriation)