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fall 2023 ba course materials

Here are the course materials for Business Associations for the Fall semester 2023.

List of statutes for which you are responsible on the final exam:
Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act §§ 620.8103 (RUPA § 103 and compare RUPA 2013 s 105 (see blog archive at week 5)), 620.8202 (RUPA § 202), 620.8404 (RUPA § 404 AND compare this provision with RUPA § 409 set out in the Casebook at pp. 117-118), 620.8401 (RUPA § 401).
DGCL §102(b)(7)(see blog archive at week 9)
NRS 78.138 (7) (see blog archive at week 12).

Class Policies and Syllabus

Freedom Conservatism: A Statement of Principles

Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act

Florida LLC statute

Notes on Contracting under the DGCL (September 2023)

Delaware General Corporation Law

Florida Business Corporation Act

Marchand v Barnhill (Del. Supr. 2019)

In re McDonald’s Corporation Stockholder Derivative Litigation (Del. Ch 2023)

Notes on Derivative Litigation

Brookfield Asset Management v Rosson (Del. 2021)

Notes on Special Litigation Committees and Derivative Suits

Notes on Conflicted Controller Transactions

In Re Mindbody, Inc. Stockholders Litigation (Del. Ch. 2023)

SEC Memorandum of Law in support of Motion for Summary Judgment in SEC v Terraform

Amicus Brief by ICAN in SEC v Panuwat