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Caroline Bradley

The core of Blenderlaw relates to the theory and practice of harmonisation of law and practice through formal and informal channels, through the actions of domestic legislators and regulators as well as of supranational organisations. In addition, non-governmental organisations contribute to harmonisation by lobbying, and by developing codes of practice and standard form contracts. In particular this weblog will focus on the blending of financial and corporate law. The term blenderlaw is also a critical term, reflecting some scepticism about the value of legal harmonisation projects.


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University of Miami Law School Repository Page

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Jotwell Corporate Law


Forking Law (July 2019 version)

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Corporate Law
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Other work

Intersections in Financial Regulation After the Crisis? (April 2011)

Rhetoric and the Regulation of the Global Financial Markets in a Time of Crisis: the Regulation of Credit Ratings (SSRN link)

International Finance Case Study: The Global Financial Crisis