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contracts materials 2019

Class Policies

Introduction to Contracts (2019)

Cullinane v Uber (1st Cir. 2018)

3 fraud hypos

Note on Neri

2015: September 7-11 hypo (Memo on the September 7-11 Hypo)

2016: Labor Day Hypo (Memo on the September hypo)

Labor Day Hypo 2018

Audiorecording of class on September 4

Audiorecording of class on September 5

Liquidated Damages Question

Contracts Midterm 2017 (Memo on 2017 Contracts Midterm)

Fall 2011 Midterm (Memo on the Fall 2011 Contracts Midterm)

Contracts Midterm 2019 (Memo on the 2019 Contracts Midterm)

Blumenthal v Brewer (Illinois Supreme Court 2016)

For later:

Pier 1 Cruise Experts v Revelex Corporation  (11th Circuit 2019)