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international finance

This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s International Finance Class at the University of Miami. This class is being offered in Spring 2022 as an online class. We will be meeting once each week via zoom (class sessions are scheduled though Blackboard), and I will provide some asynchronous lecture material via this blog in addition to the written course materials which you will also access via this blog. My aim in this class is to study current issues relating to international financial activity. This is a very broad subject area, and the coverage of the class does vary from year to year in light of changing circumstances.

I move material from this page to the archive page each week so the current information appears on this page. There is also a page where I collect the class materials for this semester.

People who take this class often have very varied backgrounds and one of my objectives for the first class is to learn something about you and your interests, so please be prepared for that on Wednesday the 19th. The class policies document sets out in broad terms the topics I plan to cover but this is a class where we have some flexibility, so if you have areas/issues you would like to learn about I will see what I can do to accommodate those interests.

Week 14 (class on April 20) W agreed we would focus on review for the last week of the semester. In class on Wednesday we can discuss any questions you may have. Also I plan to talk about the exam. I will use the Spring 2021 exam as the basis for discussion.

April 19, 2022: As we are this week thinking about wrapping up what we have been studying this semester I put together a powerpoint which uses the money, geography, law nexus I began the semester with: MGL Powerpoint


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