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international finance

This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s International Finance Class at the University of Miami. My aim in this class is to study current issues relating to international financial activity. This is a very broad subject area, and the coverage of the class does vary from year to year in light of changing circumstances. In Spring 2024 this is a concentrated 2 credit class taught in the second half of the semester.

We will be meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9 am in Room F300, beginning on Monday March 18. We will have 11 class sessions. I have organized the readings to give you a sense of some of the issues in international finance, particularly issues that are current. In a 2 credit class, rather than the 3 credit class I usually teach, we need to be a bit more focused. And I am trying not to overwhelm you with reading, though I imagine you may not entirely think I have succeeded! I do not assume existing knowledge in this class, but some of the terminology may be new to you, and there are a lot of detailed rules in areas we touch on that are really beyond the scope of the class (such as the details of bank capital adequacy regulation).

The exam for this class will be a take-home examination you may take in any 8 hour block of time during the entire exam period.

Week 6
Our last class on Monday will focus on issues relating to fintech. Then, on Wednesday we will have a review session. I am happy to answer questions about the class until about 9pm on Thursday April 25. After the exam period begins on Friday April 26 I will not answer questions.

On Monday April 22, Tuesday April 23 and Wednesday April 24 I will plan to be in my office from 11 am to 12.30pm for office hours. if those times do not work for you please reach out and we can schedule a time to speak. Apart from 1-3pm on Tuesday I am quite flexible next week (as of Thursday evening on April 18th). But if you would like to talk in the afternoons I may ask for the meeting to be on zoom. I am also happy to answer questions by email.

Class Monday April 22
Rulemaking petition requesting that the Commission propose and adopt rules to govern the regulation of securities that are offered and traded via digitally native methods, including potential rules to identify which digital assets are securities (Jul. 21, 2022)
DOJ Press Release, Binance and CEO Plead Guilty to Federal Charges in $4B Resolution (Nov. 21, 2023)
Juan Carlos Crisanto, Johannes Ehrentraud & Denise Garcia Ocampo, Stablecoins: Regulatory Responses to Their Promise of Stability, FSI Insights No. 57 (Apr. 9, 2024)

Wednesday April 24: Review Session
There will be an optional review session at 9 am on Wednesday April 24 in our usual room, F300.

Have a good weekend.


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