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international finance

This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s International Finance Class at the University of Miami. This class is being offered in Spring 2023 as an online class. My aim in this class is to study current issues relating to international financial activity. This is a very broad subject area, and the coverage of the class does vary from year to year in light of changing circumstances.

I move material from this page to the archive page each week so the current information appears on this page. There is also a page where I collect the class materials for this semester.

People who take this class often have very varied backgrounds and one of my objectives for the first class is to learn something about you and your interests, so please be prepared for that in our first class session.The class policies document sets out in broad terms the topics I plan to cover but this is a class where we have some flexibility, so if you have areas/issues you would like to learn about I will see what I can do to accommodate those interests.

Please note the University’s Academic Integrity Policy. All students are bound by the Academic Integrity Policy, which is intended to promote and support an atmosphere conducive to learning. Each student’s work is to be their own unless express permission is given by the instructor. Additionally, while students are bound by the policy, faculty are also bound to report violations as offered in the policy.”

Week 3
Class on Monday January 30: We will continue looking at issues raised in International Finance Materials 2023 Chapter 1: Introduction beginning with remittance transactions and regulation, and then thinking about competition vs co-ordination or harmonization of regulation. We will then begin to look at issues involving transnational investment in securities.

Here is the next Chapter of materials for class: International Finance 2023 Chapter 2: Securities. I am not sure how far we will get with this material on Monday but recommend reading to page 33 for Monday’s class.

Class on Wednesday February 1: Please read the rest of Chapter 2 for Wednesday’s class.

Have a good weekend.


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