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This is the page for Caroline Bradley’s Business Associations class at the University of Miami. I am teaching this class in Spring 2020. We will use William A Klein, J. Mark Ramseyer & Stephen M Bainbridge, Business Associations: Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, LLCs and Corporations (10th ed. 2018).  I will provide links to statutory material via this blog.

Week 3: January 27-31 Please read the Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act (the Florida version of the Revised Uniform Partnership Act). It is a good idea to have a sense of the entire statute although we will focus on some specific provisions.

For Tuesday please see §620.8202 (RUPA §202) and §620.8401 (RUPA § 401) and read to page 101. For Wednesday please read to page 121 (and also study Florida Statutes § 6202.8404 (this provision was RUPA section 404, section 409 in the current version of RUPA – see CB p 107-8)). For Thursday please read to page 149.

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