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peter lederer August 10, 2021

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This week began with the very sad news that Peter Lederer died of a heart attack (see John Flood). Peter was a long standing friend to the University of Miami School of Law, and during the pandemic we got to see him even during the periods when he wasn’t actually in Miami, thanks to zoom.
He contributed to the Law School in so many ways, as a member of our visiting committee, as a participant in LWOW, as a willing speaker in classes (he spoke about cross-border practice of law in one of my classes and talked about structuring multinational business firms to avoid partnership liability a number of times in my BA class). In the cross-border practice class (which I don’t currently teach) he was one of a number of very successful speakers who described the evolution of their lives and careers in terms of chance. But like others I have known he had an adventurous spirit and put himself in a position to benefit from opportunities. He had an endlessly inquiring mind and was a warm, kind and lovely person. I will miss him.