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past exams

In 2018, 2016 and 2015 the Casebook I used for this class was Lawrence A Cunningham, Corporations and Other Business Organizations: Cases, Materials, Problems. In earlier years and after 2018 I used William A Klein, J Mark Ramseyer & Stephen M Bainbridge, Business Associations.

Fall 2022 Exam (Memo on Part A of Fall 2022 Exam)

Fall 2021 exam (Memo on the Fall 2021 exam)

Fall 2020 BA Exam (Memo on Fall 2020 BA Exam)

BA exam Spring 2019(2019examdiagram)

BA exam Spring 2018 (Memo on Spring 2018 BA exam)

BA exam Spring 2016 (Memo on BA exam Spring 2016) (Diagram of the Spring 2016 exam)

BA Exam Spring 2015 (Spring 2015 BA Exam diagram) (BA Exam Spring 2015 Memo)

BA Exam Spring 2014 (Spring 2014 Exam Memo)

BA Exam Spring 2012 (Exam Memo)

BA Exam Fall 2009

BA Exam Fall 2008

BA Exam Fall 2007

BA Exam Fall 2006

BA Exam Fall 2005