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international finance materials 2021

Class Policies

(1) Introduction to International Finance
International Finance Chapter 1: Introduction: January 28
Lectures: Writing a Paper; An Introduction: Current Issues

(2) Litigation Issues in International Financial Transactions
Transnational Investment in Securities: February 4
International Finance Materials Chapter 2: Transnational Investment in Securities
Lecture: Transnational Investment in Securities 1; Transnational Investment in Securities 2

Sovereigns: Sovereign Debt and other issues: February 11, 18, 25
February 11: International Finance Chapter 3a: Sovereigns 1
Lecture: Sovereign debt: pari passu
International Finance Chapter 3b: Sovereigns 2
International Finance Chapter 3c: Sovereigns 3
Lecture: Standard Form Contracts (including CACs)
Lecture: Law Debenture v Ukraine

(3) Issues in Transnational Financial Regulation
March 4
Federal Reserve Policy on Payment System Risk (Oct. 2020)
Tanai Khiaonarong & Terry Goh, Fintech and Payments Regulation: Analytical Framework, IMF Working Paper WP/20/75 (May 29, 2020)
Alina Iancu et al, Reserve Currencies in an Evolving International Monetary System, IMF Strategy, Policy, & Review Department & Statistics Department Paper 20/02 (Nov. 17, 2020)
Lecture: Financial Markets Infrastructures

(4) Financial Warfare, Compliance and International Finance: Sanctions, Money Laundering, Libor
March 11, 18,25

(5) Fintech
April 1, 8

(6) The Pandemic and International Finance
April 15

(7) Review: April 22