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contracts materials fall 2017

Class Policies

Introduction to Contracts

Uber US Terms of Use (PDF: Uber US Terms of Use 2017)

3 Fraud Hypos

Meyer v Uber & Kalanick (2nd. Cir. 2017) (Meyer v Uber pdf)(html)

Note on Neri

2015: September 7-11 hypo (Memo on the September 7-11 Hypo)

2016: Labor Day Hypo (Memo on the September hypo)

Liquidated Damages Question

Audiorecording of class on Wednesday September 20

Audiorecording of class on Thursday September 21

Damages Diagram

Contracts Midterm 2017

Fall 2011 Midterm Memo on the Fall 2011 Contracts Midterm

Complaint in Trump v Maher

Blumenthal v Brewer