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spring 2020 archive

Week 2: January 20-24 On Tuesday we will begin with the material on tort liability of principals. Please read to page 53 for Tuesday, to page 72 for Wednesday and to page 88 for Thursday (I am assigning the first partnership case in the book, although we may not get to that point).

Week 1: January 13-17: We will begin the course with agency: you will already be familiar with the concept of respondeat superior, and we will see that agents can also bind their principals to liability under contracts (and idea you may have come across in your contracts class). From the perspective of an unpaid creditor, agency principles can be used to reach into deep pockets (if the principal is wealthy or has insurance). When thinking about the materials on authority bear in mind that officers of corporations (CEOs, CFOs etc) are agents of their corporations. The principles that apply to determine whether they have authority to bind their corporations are general agency principles.

Please read pages 1-35 of the Casebook. For Tuesday please read to page 13, for Wednesday to page 24. and for Thursday to page 35.

You can access the Restatement 3rd of Agency via the Hein Online link on the Law School Library web page (look in Hein Online (via the quick link) and then find the American Law Institute Library).

Here are the Class Policies.