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archive fall 2021

Each week I move material from the BA front page to this page. I add the material to this page at the top so the beginning of the semester appears at the bottom.

Week 4: September 13-17
Reading Assignment: Casebook pages 122-166 (Lawlis v Kightlinger
& Gray, In Re Fulton, National Biscuit Company v Stroud, Summers v Dooley, Day v Sidley & Austin, Owen v Cohen, Collins v Lewis, Giles v Giles Land Company, Prentiss v Sheffel, Pav-Saver Corporation v Vasso Corporation).

Assignment for class discussion: The hypothetical on page 134 of the Casebook, and then we will work through the dissolution/dissociation material.

The asynchronous lectures for week 4 will appear here:
RUPA; Partnership Part 4; Partnership Part 5

Monday September 13: Here is the Business Associations Fall 2021 Mid-Semester Writing Assignment due October 8, 2021. I am not specifying a length limit but think that somewhere between 4-6 pages would be an appropriate length for your answers. I will post details about submission in a couple of weeks. You will need to submit your answers with your AGN (the one for assignments during the semester).

In case it is useful, here is the

Business Associations Fall 2020 Writing Assignment, and here is my outline Memo on the Midsemester Assignment.

Week 3: September 6-10 Reading Assignment: Please read the Florida Revised Uniform Partnership Act (the Florida version of the Revised Uniform Partnership Act). It is a good idea to have a sense of the entire statute although we will focus on some specific provisions.
Please also read Casebook pages 83-139 (Fenwick v Unemployment Compensation Commission, Martin v Peyton, Southex Exhibitions v Rhode Island Builders Association, Young v Jones, Meinhard v Salmon, Sandvick v LaCrosse, Meehan v Shaugnessy, Lawlis v Kightlinger & Gray, In Re Fulton, National Biscuit Company v Stroud, Summers v Dooley, Day v Sidley & Austin)

Assignment for Class Discussion: Questions for discussion for week 3

The asynchronous lectures for week 3 will appear here: Partnership Part 1; Partnership Part 2; Partnership Part 3; RUPA; Partnership Part 4

Week 2: August 30-September 3 I have moved the week 1 assignment and lectures to the archive page. I will do this each week on Thursday or Friday. For week 2 classes, please read Casebook pages 25- 82 (Botticello v Stefanovicz, Hoddeson v Koos, Atlantic Salmon v Curran, Humble Oil v Martin, Hoover v Sun Oil, Murphy v Holiday Inns, Miller v McDonald’s, Ira S Bushey & Sons v US, Manning v Grimsley, Arguello v Conoco, Majestic realty v Toti Contracting, Reading v Regem, Rash v JV Intermediate, Town & Country House & Home Service v Newbery).
Assignment for Class Discussion: Here are Agency hypotheticals for week 2 for discussion on Tuesday/Thursday.
The asynchronous lectures for week 2 will appear here:
Agency Part 3 (narration begins on slide 2); Agency Part 4; Agency Part 5; Agency Part 6

First Class Assignment for classes on Tuesday August 24 and Thursday August 26. Please read pages 1-24 in the Casebook. By August 16 I will also post to this blog the lectures for the first week (on class organization and policies, Casebook pages 1-24 and on the relationship between business and society) and the syllabus and class policies. Please note that most of my asynchronous lectures for this class are in powerpoint format but they are narrated so that you can hear me talk through the slides.

If you do not manage to acquire a copy of the Casebook before the first class you could read the cases online (I have listed them) or just rely on my lectures where I am outlining the main points I would like you to take from the cases. The issues we should cover in class in week 1, in addition to any questions you may have so far, really relate to the question of the risk that a relationship will be characterized as an agency relationship, and drawing distinctions between implied actual authority and apparent authority.

WEEK 1: August 23-27: Reading Assignment: Casebook pages 1-24 (Gorton v Doty, A,. Gay Jenson Farms v Cargill, Inc., Mill Street Church of Christ v Hogan, Three-Seventy Leasing Corporation v Ampex Corp., Watteau v Fenwick) Note: You can access the Restatement 3rd of Agency via the Hein Online link on the Law School Library web page (look in Hein Online (via the quick link) and then find the American Law Institute Library). Assignment for Class Discussion: Introduction to Business & Society and Agency (discussion based on Gorton v Doty, Cargill and authority)

Here is the Syllabus

Here is Chapter 1of the Casebook in case you are waiting for it to arrive.

I have scheduled the synchronous zoom class sessions through Blackboard and you should have received the announcement.

Lectures: Welcome to Business Associations; Course Objectives and Plan, An Introduction to Business and Society, Agency Part 1, Agency Part 2