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next round of ttip negotiations November 4, 2013

Posted by Bradley in : markets , trackback

In Brussels November 11-15. There’s a stakeholder briefing (register by emailing your name(s) and the name of the organisation to TRADE-TTIP-EVENTS@ec.europa.eu by Friday 8 November at 12:00 CET):

The European Commission will organise a briefing session for stakeholders during the second round of the negotiations on Friday 15 November. Non-governmental organisations, consumer groups, trade unions, professional organisations, business and other civil society organisations will have the opportunity to exchange views with chief negotiators of both sides.

Meanwhile the CBI’s report, which focuses on the necessity of the UK’s continuing involvement in the (somewhat adjusted) EU is based on the importance of increased global competitiveness:

British business is clear that the best way to be outward facing and globally competitive in the modern era is to continue to use and influence the EU as a base from which to build trading links and maximise interdependence with economies all over the world, whilst reforming the EU to ensure that it allows the UK to realise this global future. Attempting to reverse the process of increasing interdependence and return to a system of bilateral ad hoc arrangements will not create and keep the jobs the UK needs in order to maintain and improve living standards for all its citizens or enhance its standing as a global leader.


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