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smart regulation consultation July 5, 2012

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

The Commission asks some useful questions in its consultation on smart regulation (deadline for comments is September 21). For example:

13. Stakeholders should be consulted on the right issues and in the right ways. From your experience: (i) Are you generally consulted on all relevant elements of impact assessment (i.e. problem definition, objectives, policy options and their impacts)? (ii) Are consultation documents clear and complete? (iii) Is the mix of targeted and open consultations used by the Commission appropriate? If not, could you explain why and provide specific examples? …
14. Early consultation has the greatest potential to influence policy reflections but suffers from the lack of well-defined policy ideas. Conversely, when policy reflections are advanced, stakeholders can be consulted on the specificities of a proposal but may be unable to exert much influence on its overall need and design. From your experience: (i) Do Roadmaps facilitate your involvement? What use do you make of them? (ii) Are your views usually sought at the right moments in the process of policy formulation? (iii) Should open consultations preferably take place in one go or in separate stages? In the latter case, how could excessive costs (for the public and the Commission) be avoided and minimum standards respected?…
15. How do you generally become aware of consultations? Are you satisfied with this? If not, how would you like to learn about upcoming or current consultations?
16. Reaching all affected stakeholders and facilitating high-quality input is essential for ensuring the benefits of consultations: (i) How do you think the coverage of Commission consultation could be further extended in a cost-effective manner? (ii) How could consultation channels in Member States be mobilised to this end? (iii) Can the use of internet-based applications be improved?
17. What is your experience with consultations targeted to specific stakeholders (including public hearings)?
18. Are you aware of any good practices in the Member States or elsewhere on how to assess the representativeness of different respondents to a public consultation?…
19. The Commission provides information on the results of public consultation and their impact on policy choices in its public summary of the consultation, in impact assessment reports and in the explanatory memorandum accompanying final initiatives. (i) Are you satisfied with the quality and transparency of this information? (ii) As a participating stakeholder, would you want to be automatically alerted to the publication of these documents?…
20. Do you think current consultation practices ensure the effective and transparent participation of all relevant stakeholders? Do they lead to improved policy-making?


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