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stakeholders, law & society June 1, 2011

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

I’m in San Francisco for the Law & Society conference (presenting my paper on stakeholders). One of the things I talk about in the paper is the idea that ordinary citizens are mostly not thought of as having anything useful to say about financial regulation (although they do bear the costs of regulatory failure). The challenge I’m thinking about is to figure out how to give citizens a more effective voice in this area (or at least a greater part of the area than the part they are currently invited into).

I wonder whether the EU has any lessons here for domestic governmental authorities? The EU Commission is now running a competition

to collect “real evidences” of the use of the Single Market by their main actors (citizens, consumers, SMEs) from all Member States.

On the other hand the story-telling idea was an idea of the current US administration, and though the EU competition opened on May 26th there seem to be only two submissions so far. The competition is open until June 24th.


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