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weeks and years January 11, 2010

Posted by Bradley in : life , trackback

As classes start up again at the law school, I notice that it is National Influenza Vaccination Week. I had my H1N1 shot already so can’t participate.

Meanwhile, the EU is dedicating a whole year to combating poverty and social exclusion, and for this year the European capitals of culture are Essen in Germany, Pécs in Hungary and Istanbul in Turkey. I’m not quite sure why the EU is recognizing Istanbul (beautiful and culturally significant as it is) as a European capital of culture given that Turkey isn’t yet a member ….


1. Nikos - January 12, 2010

The decision to name Istanbul a European Capital of Culture was taken via the procedure laid out in Decision No 1419/1999/EC, article 4 of which provides that:”European non-member countries may participate in this action. Any such country may nominate one city as a European Capital of Culture and should notify its nomination to the European Parliament….”. Essentially any European country which was not a member of the EU could nominate itself for the title. The new procedure as it is established by Decision 649/2005/CE doesn’t have a similar provision, so we wont see a nomination of a non-member city in the near future.