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uk credit card consultation October 27, 2009

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

This consultation, which has been foreshadowed in the press comes in a 3 minute MP3 format, and a plain English version as well as the full document and supporting impact assessments (with respect to equality and cost). And it is available via scribd. The full document has some pictures which make it pretty though don’t help much with the content – there’s an attractive woman biting her lower lip fetchingly (though I think she’s meant to be perplexed or worried) and another attractive woman on the phone looking happy. Apparently men don’t use credit cards, or they don’t have problems with credit cards, as the only pictures of men in the document are small pictures of the men in charge – Lord Mandelson and Kevin Brennan.

The plain English version states:

Other organisations like the European Union and the Office of Fair Trading are already looking at what credit companies should be allowed to do, but we think we can do more.

A bit odd that the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills should be distancing itself from the OFT perhaps, and particularly as the OFT under John Fingleton’s leadership was ahead of the curve in being muscular about retail financial services. And it’s a bit odd to juxtapose the EU and the OFT ,like this – as if they are similar “organisations” in any meaningful way. But I suppose that’s what plain English translation does – in simplifying it tends to ignore real distinctions.


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