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tracking consultations August 24, 2009

Posted by Bradley in : consultation , trackback

It would be easier to track consultations if the lists Governments maintain were kept current. The UK’s directgov website (“public services all in one place”) has a page dedicated to a list of government consultation websites. But whereas the link to the Department of Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform works – when they made the change to the Department for Business Innovation and Skills they put the new name on the top of the old web page, other links don’t work so well. So clicking on the Department for Constitutional Affairs takes you to a page that states that as of 2007 the responsibilities have been transferred to the Ministry of Justice. You have to click again to get to the new page. But the maintenance of the inaccurate list at directgov bothers me. People who know what they are looking for are likely to go straight to the Ministry of Justice website, but others who aren’t sure where to look may get put off by the outdated departmental designations and the need for extra clicking (and this from the successors to the people who promised joined-up government!).


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