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digital moms February 16, 2009

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I have been reading about “digital moms”:

Digital moms are multidimensional in their online behaviors, and their interests extend beyond parenting. Digital moms are more likely to connect with friends than with family using digital technologies, and they are not afraid to seek advice or companionship from known or anonymous friends. Additionally, interests like Clothing/Fashion and Cooking/Food remain the most popular, and consistently so, regardless of a woman’s age; while other category interests like Baby/Parenting, Telecommunications, Medication/Medical Condition are lifestage-oriented and change as their children grow.

Multidimensional, and with interests which “extend beyond parenting” – really ?? What about the transnational financial crisis and financial regulation? Don’t we want to know about that? I suppose it’s not relevant as it doesn’t help with marketing stuff. Or maybe the focus comes from the “survey group”:

To investigate these topics, CafeMom recruited a random sample of CafeMom active members to take an in-depth survey. The study was fielded in October, 2008. Insight Express programmed the CafeMom created questionnaire and captured the responses. Key findings are based on the 1,740 CafeMom members who completed the survey. Actual CafeMom.com social network usage data was then appended to each member’s survey responses; the survey data and online behavioral information were used to create and validate a segmentation analysis.

I guess if you choose to run a survey through a website which defines itself as follows you might end up with the results they got:

CafeMom is a place for moms and moms-to-be to connect with one another. We invite you to take a look around CafeMom and join the moms who are already sharing, supporting, and having fun with one another at CafeMom.

I only saw this because it arrived in my mailbox as part of SIFMA’s SmartBrief.


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