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consultation and retail investors September 4, 2008

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In an apparent contrast to many official consultation exercises on issues of financial regulation, which seem mostly to be concerned with the views of financial firms, Canada’s Joint Standing Committee on Retail Investor Issues has just published a set of questions about product suitability directed to retail investors (with answers due by October 9):

1) What information about an investment does your adviser give you before and after you buy it? Is there any other information you would like?
2) Should specific investment products be prohibited from sale to the public, or should all products be available to investors and investors be allowed to make their own choice?
3) Should regulators focus on regulating specific products or on regulating how products are sold and distributed?

The Chair of the Committee, who is also Vice Chair of the Ontario Securities Commission, said:

This is part of our ongoing commitment to more effectively integrate the retail investor perspective into our regulatory efforts.

It will be interesting to see what sort of response the Committee gets to this consultation.


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