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basle committee and consultation September 1, 2008

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Increased transparency at the Basle Commitee on Banking Supervision, which has published the full text of comments it has received on Principles for Sound Liquidity Risk Management and Supervision (published in June this year). In the past, when it did comment on responses to consultations, the BCBS tended to publicise the gist of comments rather than the full text (for example this overview of comments on sound credit risk assessment and valuation for loans). In publishing the comments on liquidity risk management, the committee stated:

Interested parties were invited to provide written comments by 29 July 2008, with such comments to be published on the Bank for International Settlements’ website unless confidential treatment was requested. As a result, the Committee received 30 comments for publication…
The Committee wishes to thank those who have taken the time and effort to express their views. These comments will no doubt assist the Committee in its efforts to finalise its liquidity guidance.

There are limits to transparency here, however: the BCBS does not state whether or not any respondents made comments which they asked to be kept confidential.


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