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miami welcomes new comparative llm students August 4, 2008

Posted by Bradley in : Uncategorized , trackback

We are in the process of welcoming the latest set of comparative LLM students to the University of Miami. For me the comparative and international LLM students are among the high points of being at UM, and I really enjoy having them participate in my business associations, international finance and EU classes. This year I’m also looking forward to co-teaching, with Jessica Morris, a symposium on the cross-border practice of law for LLMs only.


1. John Flood - August 4, 2008

Good luck with this. The cross-border symposium sounds an excellent idea. I’ve just finished teaching the summer program students in London and this part really takes hold.

2. Bradley - August 6, 2008

Thanks, John. Miami is a particularly interesting place to focus on cross-border practice issues, as you know, because of all of the corporate counsel based here who oversee Latin American operations of large corporations. We’re looking forward to the symposium!