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competitiveness through working groups July 14, 2008

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Making London competitive as a financial centre seems to be a very complex job, requiring lots of working groups of important people: there is to be a new Financial Services Global Competitiveness Group, which:

will report directly to the High Level Group on City Competitiveness, which was set up by the Government in 2006 to develop and support a strategy for promoting London as a world-leading financial centre.

In addition, there will be a Professional Services Industry group, and a working party to review the efficiency of the UK’s capital raising process, a group focusing on the UK-based wholesale financial services industry and another to concentrate on the insurance sector. The capital raising group:

will examine current market practices concerning equity capital raising by public companies, and report on whether changes are needed to UK company law, market practices or regulatory requirements to make equity capital raising more efficient and orderly.


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