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consultation in the eu June 4, 2008

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In order to respond to the EU Commission’s consultation on an EU consumer safety mark it is necessary to specify whether you are “A consumer, professional user (e.g. hair-dresser, carpenter, doctor, etc.) or professional in the supply chain”, “An enterprise / enterprise association” or “A market surveillance or customs authority”. Presumably the distinction between the first two categories is meant to be between individuals and firms, even though enterprises could be enterprises comprising users of products as well as producers. If you pick the consumer etc route, identifying yourself with greater detail is optional. You have to say how much attention you pay to a range of issues when purchasing products, including safety, price, place of origin, and brand. And then there’s a question about which of these issues matter in the context of a strange set of products: mobile phones, ladders, light bulbs, teddy bears, computer game consoles, bicycle helmets, saucepans, carpets, t shirts, office chairs, shampoo, cheese, electric kettles, drilling machines, and cars. Perhaps I am missing something, but safety isn’t an issue I worry about when buying t shirts, and with respect to other products in the list I care quite a bit about environmental and ethical/social issues that the survey isn’t concerned with. So I didn’t submit a response.


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