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the cookie makes the deal June 2, 2008

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The BBC reports on a study by Holiday Inn:

About four out of five UK businesses believe the type of biscuit they serve to potential clients could clinch the deal or make it crumble, a survey says.
The outcome of a meeting could be influenced by the range and quality of biscuits, according to 1,000 business professionals quizzed by Holiday Inn.
The chocolate digestive was deemed to make the best impression followed by shortbread and Hob Nobs.

Is this just a British thing? I once knew someone who had been a VAT inspector who said that they treated businesses differently depending on what sort of biscuits they were served. And it always used to be important to give plumbers tea and biscuits. In Miami offering refreshment to people who come to do work in the house seems to be a bit unusual.


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