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lobbying and experts in the eu March 25, 2008

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ALTER-EU, the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation in the European Union, has published a very critical report on the EU’s use of expert groups.

The report makes the following recommendations:

The European Commission ought to reform the mechanisms by which it accesses expertise. It should ensure such mechanisms are both transparent and operate fairly. For the latter to be the case, different points of view must be balanced against one another where impartial scientific advice is sought in an atmosphere immune from corporate capture. Taking the following steps in relation to the Expert Groups would be a long overdue move in this direction:
1.Disclosure of Expert Group membership and key documents;
2.Full transparency around the launch of new Expert Groups;
3.Open and fair processes around the application for and selection of membership;
4.Strong safeguards against privileged access and unbalanced composition of these groups;
5.Dissolution of all Expert Groups controlled by industry (or any other special interests);
6.A broad review on the composition of all Expert Groups by the Commission’s Secretariat General.


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