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hillary in pictures (in the uk media) January 9, 2008

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The British media seem to have gotten very hung up on publishing horrific pictures of Hillary Clinton. Although there are some odd pictures of other candidates, such as this one of John McCain there seems to me to be a higher proportion of odd ones of Hillary Clinton. It’s worth comparing the gruesome Guardian‘s Clinton gallery from Iowa with the much friendlier McCain gallery. The pictures they have of John Edwards are mostly pretty cute. On the other hand, some of the others, such as Barack Obama don’t even seem to have any recent picture galleries up on the site, and if I were Mitt Romney, I would be a bit unhappy with my picture gallery. The first picture shows him wearing a red wreath halo, the third just shows his pants (pretty crumpled), and his face just makes it onto the edge of the fourth one, although the rest aren’t bad.

Here is a Hillary picture from tomorrow’s Guardian:


The BBC has this one:


And here is one from the Telegraph:



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