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eu mortgage credit market December 18, 2007

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Meanwhile, the mortgage credit white paper, also published today says this:

Taking out a mortgage credit is an important decision for any consumer. The Commission believes that there can be no efficient market without confident and empowered consumers, who are able to seek out and choose the best mortgage product for their needs, regardless of the location of the mortgage lender. In order to make an appropriate choice, consumers require clear, correct, complete and comparable information on different mortgage products.
The Commission considers it essential that mortgage lenders lend responsibly, in particular by thoroughly assessing the borrowers’ ability to pay instalments in the context of the transaction envisaged. They can do such an assessment in a variety of ways, for example by consulting a database. Irresponsible lending and mis-selling of mortgage loans by mortgage lenders or unscrupulous credit intermediaries can, as illustrated by the current sub-prime turmoil, have a negative impact on the economy at large.
Good advice, including legal advice, is an important element in enhancing consumer confidence. It is distinct from information, which is merely a description of the product. The Commission wishes to promote high-level mortgage advice standards, whilst recognising that not all consumers need the same level of advice.


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