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depressing (description of) data December 6, 2007

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From Eurostat:

Between 2% of prime-aged women in the United Kingdom, Sweden and Denmark and 46% in Malta inactive due to family responsibilities
In the EU27 in 2006, the lowest inactivity rates for women aged 25-54 were found in Slovenia (13.0%), Sweden (13.7%), Estonia (14.3%), Denmark and Finland (14.6%), while Malta (58.9%), Italy (35.7%), Greece (30.9%) and Ireland (29.5%) had the highest.
Among prime-aged women, the percentage inactive due to family responsibilities varied greatly between Member States: the United Kingdom (1.9%) had the lowest percentage, followed by Sweden (2.1%) and Denmark (2.3%). At the other end of the scale, Malta (45.9%), followed by Ireland (23.1%) and Luxembourg (21.7%) had the highest rates.

I don’t know which is worse: the idea of all these prime-aged women (they sound like cattle or cheese) or the idea that people with family responsibilities which preclude paid employment can be described in 2007 as inactive (there is a footnote which explains that what is being measured is participation in the labour force either through employment or unemployment, but still…..) The prime-aged women construct may be a result of translation: the French version of the press release refers to “les femmes de cette tranche d’âge”.


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