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us financial regulation: competitiveness, principles… November 27, 2007

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The deadline for comments on the Treasury’s Capital Markets Competitiveness Initiative was last Wednesday. A joint comment letter (links to additional separate comments follow) from the US Chamber of Commerce, SIFMA, Investment Company Institute, Business Roundtable, Financial Services Roundtable, and Financial Services Forum begins:

The undersigned represent the voices of the millions of small and large businesses and their investors across the country and around the world that rely on the U.S. capital markets to fuel their investment and growth activities. Together, we commend the U.S. Department of the Treasury (“Treasury”) on its request for comment on the regulatory structure associated with the financial services industry.

I’m not sure what basis these organizations have for claiming to represent the interests of investors, except the claim, made explicitly later in the letter, that:

Investor protection and prudential safety and soundness must remain essential mandates. At the same time, these must be appropriately balanced with the goals of promoting capital formation and remaining competitive in an increasingly global environment. Indeed, these two priorities are mutually supportive and, appropriately pursued, will serve one another to the benefit of all market participants.

The letter advocates streamlining of the regulatory structure, principles-based regulation, and “addressing the adverse effects of the litigation environment in the U.S.”.


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