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investing for baby boomers November 13, 2007

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Yesterday FINRA announced:

the launch of its first, broad-based advertising campaign aimed directly at baby boomers, a demographic that its research shows lacks confidence in their investing knowledge and is eager to better understand their investment options.
With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day over the next quarter century, FINRA believes it is crucial to reach out to baby boomers now, as they approach retirement. Recent FINRA Investor Education Foundation-sponsored research showed that seniors are targeted more frequently by investment fraudsters than younger investors.

The campaign was developed by Doremus and includes this TV ad with a cute dog rolling over, and this rather weird ad featuring a group of male people pretending to look like brokers, and all wearing the same bad yellow and black checked ties (in the print version of this ad the ties are blue). The ad invites viewers to “Check to see if a broker makes sense for you” through FINRA’s brokercheck system. I’m not sure what about the various ads is supposed to appeal particularly to baby boomers.

But if people who see the ads decide to visit FINRA’s website they will find some potentially useful information, such as a page with the title “Fraud Fighting 101: Smart Tips for Older Investors”, a page describing common investor problems and how to avoid them, and a page addressing the “senior specialist” problem.


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