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aqua dots recall November 7, 2007

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Spinmaster made this announcement today:

Following notification by Moose Enterprises of a recall in Australia of a product called Bindeez, which is similar to the line of toys we distribute for them in North America under the Aqua Dots brand, we are requesting that retailers remove the Aqua Dots toy from retail shelves and sale in North America.
Out of an abundance of caution, we have stopped shipping this item and are working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Health Canada.
Spin Master considers all safety issues to be of a serious nature including the media reports with Moose Enterprises’ Bindeez product. In addition to notifying our customers and the appropriate authorities, our company is working diligently to identify any shipments that could potentially be included in a recall by the CPSC and Canadian officials.
Spin Master has always been a trusted company and distributor of children’s products and we have made the safety of children our foremost priority.
We will continue working to ensure that this standard is strictly upheld. We are grateful that this issue was brought to our attention so that we can quickly address it to ensure both the quality and safety of every product that we distribute.

In something of a contrast, Bloomberg has the story as “Spin Master Recalls Toys That Made Children Comatose”.


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