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women's lives… September 23, 2007

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I have an uncomfortable fascination with the style sections of the New York Times. And today’s front page story with the title Putting Money on the Table is an example of why I find it uncomfortable (rather than fascinating). The subtitle for the article is: “With rising incomes, young women discover the pitfalls of “dating down.”” It’s uncomfortable because it is shallow (the topic might merit serious treatment, but doesn’t get it). Similarly shallow, the Sydney Morning Herald seems to be preoccupied with the question whether all the best ones are taken (connected to the “dating down” phenomenon?).
The Guardian’s women’s page used to debate all the time whether it was OK or not to have a page for women (wasn’t the whole paper a women’s newspaper?). That was interesting if sometimes uncomfortable. The Guardian’s style section now has an article which argues that most working mothers would lie if they were late for work because of problems with childcare. What about the working fathers – don’t they have problems with childcare? And would they tell the truth about them if they did?


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