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more weirdness at the consumer direct website September 15, 2007

Posted by Bradley in : Uncategorized , trackback

After reading the material on Christmas savings plans at Consumer Direct, I started to read the advice about borrowing money, and then started looking at the suggested template letters for complaining to providers of goods and services. All well and good. But I noticed that there’s an odd picture at the edge of the web page showing a partly clothed woman wearing a construction helmet. What does she have to do with complaint letters, I wonder? Well, she seems to be related to advice about holidays – presumably the reference is to people turning up for their holiday to find the hotel they are staying in is only half built. But she turns up on pages that have nothing to do with holidays, and, in any case, why don’t they have a picture of a man in surf shorts and a construction helmet? It turns out they do have pictures of men – one is wearing a lurid green sweater that looks as though it shrank in the wash, another older bald man in a pale blue shirt is holding a steering wheel and looking as though he is about to crash into something. There’s another woman too – this one is covered in food that seems to have escaped from a faulty blender. The nearly naked woman is the only one of the bunch who looks remotely intelligent or capable…..


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