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uk referendum on the eu reform treaty? September 3, 2007

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Suggestions that the UK’s voters won’t have a chance to express their views on the proposed reform treaty are creating ructions. The UK’s white paper on the reform treaty states that the reform treaty will remain within the red lines the UK Government established:

Ahead of the June European Council, we set out our red lines to ensure that there would not be a transfer of power away from the UK on issues of fundamental importance to our sovereignty. The Mandate for the new amending Treaty meets these red lines. It ensures that our existing labour and social legislation remains intact; protects our common law system, police and judicial processes, as well as our tax and social security systems; and preserves our independent foreign and defence policy. In addition, the Treaty will make clear for the first time that national security remains a matter for Member States.
This amending Treaty will allow the EU to move on from debates about institutions to creating the outward-facing, flexible Europe that we need to meet the fundamental challenges of globalisation.

But not everyone is happy to take the Government’s word for it. A leader in yesterday’s Observer characterises the Government’s approach as “cowardly and dangerous”. The Telegraph is organising a petition for a referendum.

Meanwhile, in contrast to the UK Government’s assertions that institutional questions are now settled, Poland today stated that it wanted an advocate general of its own.


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